A Quick Trip OVER Copenhagen: Pilot Host Dad Edition

Yes. You read that correctly. My host dad is not like other dads, he’s a cool host dad. 

On Sunday, my host dad asked me what I was up to, I said nothing, and so we made plans to go FLYING over Copenhagen and Sealand.

My host dad, Alf, has his pilot’s license and flies every so often for fun. We departed from the airport in Roskilde and headed toward Copenhagen, making a quick stop over to see my house from the sky. We couldn’t go completely over Copenhagen, but we still got to see the city. 

Then we headed north and I texted my friend who lives in Hørsholm to look up and she saw us fly overhead on our way to see Helsingør and Kronborg Castle. Though I want to visit on the ground, it was amazing to get an overhead view of not only that castle but others. We also flew over the deer park, Dyrehave, and the oldest amusement park in the world, Bakken.

Then we headed west and over some farmland, I got to fly the plane and practice some turns. My host dad took as awesome video of me flying but unfortunately I cannot share videos on this blog! The weather was perfect for flying and we got to see an amazing sunset. 

Although I cannot guarantee that all host families have cool pilot host dads, this goes to show what amazing things you can experience when you stay with a host family. Being a part of a family, even for a short period of time, allows you to experience the country in a way you never could otherwise. I learn something new every day from my family and I hope I teach them something every once in a while!

This is a short blog, but I think the pictures speak more than I could ever say about this experience!

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