I am so excited that I get to spend a full four months abroad!! It is a main goal to visit 5 other countries while I am abroad (preferably 5 new ones!) I have a few friends studying abroad in Spain, so I am hoping to make it there at some point and my study tour is in Germany! Here, I will post pictures of places I travel both within Denmark and beyond!

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Edinburgh, Scotland


We woke up in our bunk bed room at our hostel and headed out to find coffee and some breakfast. We fell in love with Edinburgh Press Coffee and the baristas there, grabbed pastries, and went on to the Camera Obscura which is an illusions museum. Then, we went to the castle after walking around the royal mile. After exploring the castle and taking in some amazing views, we grabbed some lunch at Southern Cross Cafe and I had the best latte I’ve ever had (and that is saying something) and a toastie. Later in the afternoon, we headed to a mall and had dinner in a nice food hall, called Bonnie and Wild.


We started our Sunday at the Wall doing some studying for our midterms which, as hard as we tried to ignore, were still coming up. The late morning was NOT our friend in Edinburgh, we struggled to get cash for storage lockers and ATMs refused to work. When we rushed across town for our nice brunch reservation, the host informed us that their delivery truck did not show up.

Trips and plans are not seamless and problems come up, but what mattered was that I was with amazing friends. We wound up in a part of New Town that we had not explored and found a hidden gym, the Painted Rooster. We took self timer pictures at a nearby chapel and headed back to Old Town to grab our hiking clothes. We then hiked to Arthur’s Seat and really got our steps in. After our long hike, we browsed souvenir shops (we had to) and hit one last coffee shop before heading to Wagamama for dinner and heading to the airport!

My Edinburgh Highlights

  1. The coffee is incredible and it is so reasonably priced, especially if you’re a student!
  2. Arthur’s Seat is 100% worth the effort for the most amazing view
  3. My friends Abby and Allie are truly the best people. We had such an amazing time just walking and talking. We planned this trip on such a whim and had almost nothing planned, but because of them, this was on of the best weekends I’ve ever had. 

Stockholm, Sweden


For a quick weekend trip, my friend Rachel and I flew to Stockholm, Sweden after our short study tour week. We got quite cozy since I accidentally booked a hotel room with no windows . . .

Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast at our hotel, grabbed coffee and headed to the ABBA museum!! We were both fairly clueless about who ABBA really was, including the fact that they were 2 girls and 2 guys and the fact that they were 2 couples (who then subsequently divorced) . . . OOPS. Nonetheless it was an absolutely amazing museum and we both “walked in, danced out” as they say. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the museum.

We grabbed an amazing lunch by the water and headed towards Gamla Stan, the main attraction of Stockholm. We walked around the square and around Stockholm Stan.

Later in the day, we headed and did some shopping so of course we had a great afternoon. THEN, we had reservations at an ICE bar which was in our hotel! An ICE bar is a room made entirely out of ice and we were served our cocktails in glasses made of ice as well.

We briefly met some students at DIS Stockholm, two of whom were bloggers! If you want to read more about DIS Stockholm, check out their blogs here!

We did not have the easiest time finding a place to go to dinner, so if you ever go to Stockholm make sure you make reservations!! Fortunately, a waiter at a nice Italian restaurant took mercy on us and we got some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

We briefly met some students at DIS Stockholm, two of whom were bloggers! If you want to read more about DIS Stockholm, check out their blogs here!


On Sunday, we woke up and walked a few miles to the Modern Museum of Art on a little island in Stockholm. I can confidently say I’m not the best at appreciating modern art, but I enjoyed some of Picasso’s sculptures and some of the art in the Swedish Women exhibit.

Rachel and I then headed to Ai Ramen which was absolutely delicious and finally, we walked around a few more shops and I bought a backpack! That was pretty much it for our trip because we both had homework we had to do before our flight.

We loved our weekend getaway together!

Aarhus, Denmark

Here a few of my favorite travel photos from my trip to Aarhus in Denmark with my class. You can see more photos and read about that trip here.


I didn’t have to travel far to see this amazing spot in Copenhagen. Nyhavn, or Newhaven as it would be translated, is the picturesque location you see if you google Copenhagen. The day before our first day of classes, a few friends and I made the walk (about 1 and half kilometers from our school) to see the area.

Nyhavn is waterfront on the canal and is lined with restaurants and entertainment, especially on a sunny day. The area was constructed in the 1670s by King Christian V who used Swedish prisoners of war to dig the canal. A few other interesting tidbits are that Hans Christian Andersen lived in three Nyhavn houses and the oldest functioning tattoo parlour is in the basement of Nyhavn 17!

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